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OnMyOwn – With the patience and vision of a Saint, Kristi Messer and her team of coaches have created a non-profit mission that serves the needs of individuals with disabilities by giving them the training, self-esteem, and confidence to obtain abilities necessary to become highly functional individuals and gain their independence in the world.

Having worked with the clients and coaches of “OnMyOwn” as volunteers serving community outreach programs, I can attest to the loving care and professionalism shown by both.

In my opinion, this program is a tremendous success and should be financially supported by our philanthropic community and eventually duplicated many times over.

Love Thy Neighbor
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Help us turn Disabilities into Possibilities

Feed one adult with Healthy Living Meals for a week

Provide Enrichment Instruction for one class.

Sponsor a client: 8 sessions of programming

Provide Independent Living Cooking Classes