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Our Agency has been very blessed to have met Kristi and her On My Own team she has put together to help others. I do not know what to say, but she has taken on a role that is huge, to support a group of adults with disabilities who she does not know and supply daily food and joy to many. We really met her at the On My Own Valentine’s day dance where she and her wonderful group put on a celebration for everybody and it went up hill from there. In collaboration with Trinity Church of Delray, ON My Own has supplied meals to about 20 – 40 people every day……all kinds of food, fruit, desserts and anything you could think of. These have helped the current staff that are working around the clock to keep our vulnerable adults happy as they are all stuck home and bored. The staff have certainly appreciated it as it took some burden off of them as they cook continuously throughout the day to keep up with the daily demands of everybody.

Kristi and On My Own have so much to offer, and this is an organization to be proud to donate to. Their staff are very well organized and I just cannot say enough good things about this wonderful group. Coastal Living wants to thank her and On My Own for all their loving donations and love that went with all these meals that were provided.

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Help us turn Disabilities into Possibilities

Feed one adult with Healthy Living Meals for a week

Provide Enrichment Instruction for one class.

Sponsor a client: 8 sessions of programming

Provide Independent Living Cooking Classes